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Finding the right policy and coverage can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You can use our life insurance calculator to:

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NorthWise Insurance is an independent broker of Life Insurance in Ontario.

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Don’t know everything? We know insurance is a 10+ year commitment, our team is here to help you make the best decision possible.

Quick Quote or Detailed Analysis

Know how much of a policy and coverage you need? Great, go right to our quote page.

Don’t know what amount or type of policy coverage to get? We got you, use our handy Life Insurance Quote tool to see what a financial planner would recommend to you.

What type of policy are you looking for?

Term Life Insurance

This type of policy is best suited to protect short term needs such as mortgage protection or income protection. You do not keep your term life insurance coverage forever, but term policies features low premiums.

Whole Life (Permanent) Insurance 

One of the only guarantees we have is that we will eventually pass away. Whole life (permanent) insurance coverage is for keeps your entire life. Can cover final expenses, things like capital gains, or be used for estate planning.

Universal Life Insurance 

This permanent policy is the most flexible type. It can be used as a Term 100 policy as well. You can pay the minimum premium or contribute more additional funds into your universal life insurance coverage that are deposited into an investment account that grows on a tax-free basis. 

No-Medical Life Insurance 

Do you have a medical condition that has made getting coverage tough, or do you simply not want the hassle of needles and nurse appointment, no medical life insurance coverage is a perfect option. With just a medical questionnaire to get coverage, this convenient and increasingly popular option allows more people than ever access to coverage and protection. 

Senior Life Insurance 

Recently retired or a retiree in need of the right policy and coverage? We excel in finding solution for our senior clients by partnering with companies that offer competitive specialized senior life insurance coverage 

Mortgage Life Insurance 

Many people opt into this type of mortgage life insurance policy provided through their lender, and unfortunately this is NOT good idea. Having an individual policy to cover your mortgage is better for a variety of different reasons. Ask us why!


Why are people flocking to online insurance?

Choice, flexibility, and convenience. Gone are the days where one company has the best of everything. Let us take care of your due diligence and find the right coverage with the right company. Get started by taking our policy and coverage quotes tool and receive a free quote.

What type of policy do you need?

There are many different types of policies to choose from, with different protection and investment features. For some, a term-based policy might be best, while others might benefit more from a universal and permanent policy. Some people’s needs might best be met with a combination of types. Use our financial planning tool to figure out the best solution for your specific needs.

How much life insurance do you need?

It may be more than you think. To your loved ones, you’re priceless. Use our handy calculator to help determine the best amount of coverage to meet your needs and protect those who are most important to you.

Save Valuable Time

Let us search every major company in Ontario, so you don’t have to. Throw in our interactive, digital-only process, and you have more time on your hands to do you.

Best Rate

We work with over 20 insurance companies in Ontario, to ensure that you are getting the best rate on your insurance, with NO compromises. We hope you like to save money!

Unbiased Advice

You’re not alone if you feel someone has tried to sell you insurance. We don’t need to sell because we have no ties to any company. We just want to make YOU happy.


We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in cyber security. We know how important your information is, and we do everything to protect it.

Insurance On Your Terms

In 2016, 20.3 billion in life insurance premiums were paid to 91 providers. With 91 providers trying to win your business, it can be painstakingly difficult to sort through them all and find the best company. Let us make this as easy as possible for you!

  • $4.5T Life Insurance Coverage
  • $20.3B – 2016 Life Insurance Premiums
  • 22M Canadians Own Life Insurance
  • 91 Life Insurance Providers

Expert Advice

As licensed, independent insurance brokers, we are free to choose from dozens of insurance companies. We evaluate their plans and processes, and then make the best recommendations for your needs. We can explain in plain terms all the details about whole life, term life, universal life, cash value, dividends, investment methods, tax considerations, estate planning, and so much more.

Licensed Brokers

  • Knowledgeable – Our team is made up of licensed insurance advisors that keep up-to-date with the insurance world.
  • Technology Driven – We have the tools in place to make sure your plan is foolproof. Take our life insurance coverage tool, for example. 
  • Confidential – All conversations with our team are strictly confidential.
  • Service For Life – Finding life insurance is the first step. We want to have a lifetime relationship with you and your family to provide much needed protection.

Our Promise

We understand that choosing life insurance coverage is a sensitive and deeply personal topic. We are dedicated to our clients, ensuring that we always put their best interests first. We don’t want to sell you any policy – we want to help you meet your needs in the best, most convenient, and most cost-effective way.


Is it less expensive to buy insurance directly from the insurance companies?

Canadian law regulates insurance premiums according to national standards, so whether you buy directly from the company or through a licensed broker like NorthWise, premiums are the same. We get compensated by the insurance company, so you get free, unbiased, expert advice from us for the same price.

Can you help if I already have life insurance?

Yes, we can! If you want to review your policies, adjust your coverage, or make other changes, we would be glad to assist. We can even take over servicing your existing policies to help serve you better.

How do I know if I have enough life insurance?

Ask us for a free review to make sure your existing insurance policy meets your needs. If you feel you’re paying too much in premiums or you need more coverage, we have the expertise and the experience to find the best solution for you.

What happens after I buy insurance?

We’ll be here to help any time you need us, from the application process, to policy issue, and beyond. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping our clients navigate many challenges and opportunities they face.

When do I need to get life insurance?

Often, people start thinking of life insurance when a major event occurred – think getting married, buying a home, having a child, and many other situations. If you’re not sure whether you need it or if it’s the right time for you, just ask! We’d be glad to review your situation and make our recommendations.

Am I too old to buy life insurance?

There are life insurance policies that are designed for older adults. Everyone’s situation is different, but we’re confident that, no matter your age, we can help you find the right policy for you at the right price. 

Why should I buy life insurance when I’m young?

Buying life insurance as a young adult can mean locking in a lower premium rate. Also, you can build cash value in a life insurance policy that you may be able to access later in life. 

How do I get more information?

Request a quote online, use the live chat feature on our site, or give us a call so we can get started on the perfect plan for your needs.

Privacy Policy and Protection of Confidential Information

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